Friday, February 23, 2007

Don't look back

William Rodriguez, the last man out of the North Tower, talks to Radio 5's Simon Mayo about that day.


  1. Patrick7:22 pm

    Are you of the opinion that he is correct, and this was essentially an inside job?

    Which of course it was.

  2. His experience is enough to suggest things aren't as straightforward as the official conspiracy theory. That's as far as I'd go.

  3. Patrick8:22 pm

    Not trying to be sarcastic but is that "as far as I'd go" based on what you'd consider relatively little information? One interesting piece of footage to emerge within the last week or so, after the appalling Conspiracy Files hit-piece, is footage on BBC World News where they announce the unexpected collapse of the Salomon Building, or WTC7 on 911. The embarrassing thing about this is they announced the collapse 25 minutes before it unexpectedly did collapse. Some cynics would suggest a press release got put out a bit early.
    The following the documentary, Loose Change, which film director David Lynch, recently drew attention to in an interview:

  4. Who hasn't heard and/or seen Loose Change? I thought "Press for Truth" (?) was more impressive.

  5. Patrick10:07 pm

    Just in case, Steve. One has no idea who has or hasn't seen what. An impressive in-depth presentation by one of the experts on all this, David Ray Griffin, as a second option. As you obviously know, there's a huge amount of stuff available, but this one of the more sober and impressive:

  6. Patrick10:24 pm

    Though I think I've exhausted my desire to see much more stuff on 911, I hadn't come across Press for Truth. I think we're fooled into believing government conspiracies should be difficult to uncover- all smoke and mirrors; whereas the reality is this is all pretty blatant stuff. Masses of evidence contradicting the official version, and as for motive, that's not exactly mysterious.



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