Saturday, August 13, 2005

"Loving you is like loving someone else"

The small window of the weekend. Plenty going on. Necessary housework. Unnecessary shopping. The Ashes and the Premier League to follow. Projects to pursue.

Plenty to read also. This morning, with a cup of tea and an extra pillow, I read Hic Non Est, the seventh chapter of Robert Pogue Harrison's The Dominion of the Dead and knew I had to stick with it for the rest of the day. So much was promised.

Still, I was drawn to the library. John Banville’s The Sea and James Kelman’s You Have to be Careful in the Land of the Free were on the shelves for the first time. Rhyming titles. I withdrew both, wondering as I did, where the time will come from to read them and whether, indeed, I had withdrawn them to read them. There really is no time. And I do this all the time. Regularly, I take books back, more or less untouched. Maybe I withdrew them because they’re new. They promise something: extra time.

Actually, I am drawn to books that explore such hope.



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