Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Entitled Opinions

Good to see the return of Entitled Opinions, Stanford University's podcast with Robert Pogue Harrison in the chair. It starts off with Philippe Buc discussing "Religion and Violence". As Buc is an expert in "religion and power in pre-modern western Europe, principally from Late Antiquity to the High Middle Ages" we can expect an awareness of the longue-durée, which is nice. Next week, Orhan Pamuk visits.

And if you haven't already noticed, don't miss the new link I've added below under More Literary Blogs to Jonathan Swift's new blog Journal to Stella. OK, it's 298 years late but Ireland didn't have an internet connection until last week. Maybe.


  1. Thanks for pointing out the Jonathan Swift blog--I love Swift and didn't know it existed!

  2. There was nothing wrong with the telegraph system.



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