Friday, June 10, 2005

"I'm in the fold right now, as a matter of fact"

I've worked on this particular office floor for 15 months. It's open plan. I returned from lunch and was gazing around. Behind me all the usual faces were still at lunch. Behind them if they were there was the usual graphic artist. He was working away. Behind him, on the wall, was a whiteboard. On the whiteboard, I noticed, was a clock. That is, only the hands and four diamonds representing the clock's four points: north, south, east and west. I had not seen it before. So I looked closely to see if it was real or not. It seemed very flat. But I could see that it was the right time by my computer's clock: five to two exactly. So it must be real. I got up to take a closer look. It had been sketched on with a black marker pen.

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