Friday, August 03, 2007

Bernhard play discovered

Unfortunately not a prose work, and also from very early in his career, but interesting to see Bernhard's half-brother Peter Fabian (whose medical skill is said to have kept Bernhard alive for ten more years than his condition would normally allow). He sounds uncannily like his elder brother. Can German-speakers add anything to the bleedin' obvious? See also this report.


  1. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Nice... but old news I'm afraid. See the site of Antiquariat Inlibris (Vienna): -> Bestand -> Gesamtbestand -> type "bernhard wolfe" in first search box. For sale at €240.000 (!).

    They also have a page of press coverage from 2001 on the discovery of the manuscript: (in German and Dutch). Fabjan is quoted in some piece as making clear that the manuscript was already offered for sale in 1999 by another antiquarian: Antiquar Christian Weinek in Salzburg.

  2. Oh. It's new to YouTube at least! But thanks for the extra info. I do hope there another prose work hiding away though. Many of the stories haven't been translated yet, so they're to come I suppose.

  3. Anonymous7:40 pm

    The reports say it is from 1957, a german Rowohlt edition of Th. Wolfe's Mannerhouse(I think)/Herrenhaus and between whose pages Bernhard scribbled a new adaptation of whom people say it is in itself a real orginial play of its own value.
    It either has been stolen by a student from Salzburg or has been in the possession of a professor by Bernhard, not sure, via an unknown bookseller it came in the possession of two antiquarian booksellsers from Vienna & Graz. Fabian does not want to undertake any legal steps, only wants a copy of it for the archives & research purposes. They seem to be pretty easy going about this all, they newspeople make it much more exciting than it actually is.

    The newspaper-link provided by Meneer Wijffels say Bernhard had some people bind him a special edition of the Mannerhouse book with lots of blank pages in it so that he had space to write his version down. It's also been said that Bernhard liked this play a great deal...

  4. Anonymous9:33 pm

    I hope it's good.



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