Friday, October 05, 2007

"Here came this noise through the screen"

A couple of years ago, US sportswriter Chuck Culpepper resolved to write a book about an American's experience of the English Premier League. To do so, he decided he needed a team to support. And one night on Match of the Day - March 11th, 2006 to be precise (never to be forgotten) - he saw Pedro Mendes' 93rd minute winner in the Pompey-Man City game and was immediately drawn to the madness at Fratton Park. As a fan of over 30 years standing (and I prefer to stand) I think he made the right choice.

He went on to attend games there during that season's world-historical escape from relegation. "Here was this club in 18th place" he explains to the EPL Talk Podcast, "and yet it seemed like the biggest noise in the world."

The book is out now, and in the US next year with a title less confusing to an American audience. Below is a video of that goal with understated and impartial commentary from the local radio station.

PS: If you want silence, you can always go up the M27.


  1. I presume you're the tatooed chap in the photo, Steve?

  2. Nah, I would never wear a hat like that.

  3. It's an elegant hat, but I can see it might not be quite to everyone's taste. The guy next to him looks a right nutter.



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