Friday, May 29, 2009

Links for the Twitterless

Here are four links posted today on my blog-sapping, blog-relieving Twitter account.

1: Jacques Roubaud explains to Michael Silverblatt the reasons for writing The Great Fire of London sequence, with emphasis on The Loop.

2: Andrew Mitchell discusses Nietzsche with Robert Harrison on the Entitled Opinions podcast. I've yet to listen but his two previous shows on Heidegger, that accompanied me through long bikes in the countryside two summers ago, should not be missed. UPDATE: Nietzsche: Writings from the Early Notebooks has also been published this month.

Review copies unlikely
3. Mark C. Taylor's forthcoming book from Columbia UP - Field Notes from Elsewhere: Reflections on Dying and Living - looks like it deserves attention. Paul Auster has given it blurb: "an intoxicating whirl of a book, an engine of thought and feeling that touches on everything that counts most to us". His Grave Matters impressed me recently.

4: Leslie Hill - author of Blanchot: Extreme Contemporary - has published Beckett's Fiction this month. It has a subtitle, as these things must: In Different Words. Meh?

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