Saturday, August 01, 2009

Secret note

After my death no one will find even the least information in my papers (this is my consolation) about what has really filled my life; find the inscription in my innermost being which explains everything and what, more often than not, makes what the world would call trifles into, for me, events of immense importance, and which I too consider of no significance once I take away the secret note which explains it.
Kierkegaard Papers & Journals pages 154-55.


  1. Anonymous6:38 am

    Nice. I also have this volume from which you quote. It is interesting to me how opposite Kierkegaard is from Kafka, though they indulge in the same supple, investigatory thought process, and even collide in attempts to be witty, or impatient with the reader (who they both seem to know is there in the future). Of course in their longer, infinite works, they accomplish these thoughts, and there we see it: Kierkegaard as a knight of Christian faith, and Kafka as the heir of all Jewish doubt and wisdom; neither obviously being polemical; both triumphing, in a literary sense, by a ringing confession of personal existence. Nice. Why did you choose this quote?

  2. I chose it because I happened to read it recently and felt the movement of rollercoaster-as-Mobius Strip one feels with others, like Kafka. Also, I needed something to balance out with text the Beckett video below.

  3. When I started reading the text, I saw myself immediately in it. It was only after reading it all I noticed it was a quote. So I think you saw yourself in it as well. If what fills one's life were to be written it wouldn't fill anyone's life. What fills one's life is complete, there is no blank page curse on it. That's the way I feel it.

  4. Actually, I was thinking of you Alexander.



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