Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Un-English review

The novelist and critic Jeff Bursey has reviewed This Space of Writing in the Winnipeg Review. He says the book "reaffirms the high quality of [my] writing and allows for an immersive experience in, primarily, Modernist writing and themes as found in the dead and the living". He also takes issue with the TLS review back in April.

As this is the fifth review from a fifth different country and the only negative one comes from my own native land, my sense that there is something profoundly intellectually fearful and withdrawn about this little England seems borne out. Perhaps that's why I am drawn to such damned un-English writers mentioned in the review. Indeed, I'm told the third review, in boeklog, says the book is fighting battles long won on the continent.

UPDATE: Whispering Stories and Review 31 have since added a sixth and seventh review, mitigating the English impatience.


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