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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Well, I'll be watching the Masters

But on BBC Radio 3 on Sunday night there's a evening marking the Beckett centenary. In addition to Embers starring Michael Gambon and Krapp's Last Tape with Corin Redgrave, there's a documentary presented by the actor Stephen Rea about Beckett's relationship with his actors. You can listen live online and later through the archives. Sorted.

It's a shame they haven't thought to include the perfect reading of Stirrings Still that I recorded from R3 in March 1989. It's read by the late Norman Rodway, whose name know only because I recognised his voice while watching an episode of Inspector Morse. Still have the recording too. (Of Stirrings Still I mean, not Inspector Morse.) I didn't know Beckett's work then. Soon did.

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