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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Radio OuLiPo

Last week KCRW's unique Bookworm radio show (unique because it discusses books) aired an interview with Ian Monk, one half of the English-speaking membership of the OuLiPo group and translator of Raymond Rousell's New Impressions of Africa.

To be honest, I wouldn't have much time for OuLiPo were it not for Jacques Roubaud. Also last week, Mark of RSB provided a list of new translations of works by and about him. Nice to see a new edition of The Great Fire of London with a new cover design, although I'm not sure whether it's actually been reissued yet. What's more, the Green Integer edition of his essays seems to be, once again, a mirage.

However, I would swap all of the above for a translation of the entire Great Fire of London cycle.


  1. omer m.9:44 pm

    as i said to mark the other day, if you hadn't got to roubaud 'some thing black' yet it is certainly a book you don't want to skip.

    (and you may find sebald's essay on kafka and the cinema on the latter part of 'campo santo' a good read too)


  2. Green Integer's predecessor, Sun & Moon, was notorious for running late on certain titles. To the point of redefining "late."
    But I found this Roubaud essay here:

  3. Just got 'Some thing black'. Looking forward to reading it.

    Thanks for the info and link e, but I had posted a link to that in February



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