Monday, May 21, 2007

Bernhard bust

Sculptor Lucie Geffré has produced a very impressive and, one has to say, uncanny bust of our favourite Austrian novelist. It even reproduces his bad skin!

Link via the wonderful


  1. Deborah8:31 pm

    Thank you, Mr Mitchelmore, for this wonderful picture!

    I wonder which book by Thomas Bernhard I should start with.

    I see you don't have other 'illustrations', I am enjoying working my way through all your past articles while I have a look! If I make a pertinent comment on an old post I wonder if it will come up somewhere on your computer?

  2. Yes, it will deborah. I moderate comments to prevent spam.

    I'd start with "Concrete" or "The Loser".

  3. deborah10:35 pm

    Thanks, I'll try and find "Concrete".

    There are lots of interesting words connected with Bernhard if one googles his name, I liked :
    the irascible Austrian author ...



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