Monday, October 15, 2007

Hitchens watch

Martin Amis's buddy speaks at the Freedom from Religion Convention. Pharyngula provides the ghastly details: "Basically, what Hitchens was proposing is genocide."

Richard Seymour reckons he's been proven right. I wasn't arguing.

1 comment:

  1. Poor Hitchens has painted himself into a(n) (il)logical corner with his pro-Iraq-War stance, and is now attempting to shoot his way out with mad pronouncements. It beats, in the end, merely admitting that he was wrong.

    Being a devastatingly fleet and lethal debater has its downside, obviously: one finds The Plain and Unmalleable Truth handing one's lesser opponents rather humiliating victories, from time to time.

    My advice to Hitch is to execute another mind-boggling 180 (left/right/left)*before* the next War/Election. As most TV Evangelists know, the more prodigal, the better, actually!



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