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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Better dead than read

In The Times, John Carey reports on Julian Barnes' horror of death: "He wakes in the night, beating the pillow with his fist and shouting, Oh no Oh No OH NO."

How odd - I feel the same way about The Intellectuals and the Masses.


  1. You just cracked me up here, Steve. Glad to see you back on form.

  2. Me too. I kept my copy of Intellectuals for a while just to remind myself how wrong Carey can be sometimes, but it had to go eventually.

    Still: "Barnes’s fable seems meant to convey how unbearable eternal life would be" - well, read Nothing to be Frightened of and you might find out. Gave up on it this week two-thirds through. Dreadful dreary stuff. And I quite like Barnes.



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