Friday, September 12, 2008

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Pinter podcast
The British Library has posted a 47-minute podcast interview with Harold Pinter. Recorded this month, Pinter "discusses his work in forthright terms" and asserts that "to tackle injustice, our job is to look for the truth and tell it". See also the Pinter Archive blog.

One such truth might be the death twenty-two days ago of 91 men, women and children in "a 6-hour air and ground assault by U.S and Afghan commando forces". 61 children, 15 women, 15 men. Marc Herold reports. It's a truth that seems not to have troubled the blogosphere. What was that Chomsky said about ants? See also The Afghan Victim Memorial Project.

Proust's additions
"In 1913, the novel was to be 1500 pages; by 1922, when Proust died, it was 3000. How did it grow to such proportions?". Alison Winton provides answers in the two-volume Proust's Additions next month from Cambridge University Press (though it seems to be a reissue of a thirty-year-old edition). See also Blanchot's answer in the much shorter The Experience of Proust (part of The Book to Come).


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