Monday, March 21, 2011

The Marketplace of Ideas

There are so few podcasts worth listening to – Entitled Opinions, In Our Time (unless it's on science), KCRW Bookworm – that is worth drumming out news of a fourth. Colin Marshall's Marketplace of Ideas has been going for a few years but came to my attention only recently when Gabriel Josipovici was interviewed about What Ever Happened to Modernism? If you know of any others of equal quality, please let me know.

Delving into the archives, interviews with Scott Esposito, Robert Harrison and Michael Silverblatt have been excellent company on cycling tours of the Sussex countryside, and I'm hoping Steven Moore talking about his book The Novel: An Alternative History will be too. However, as my journey passes Virginia Woolf's home at Rodmell, I wonder if it will be in keeping with his professed love of long, encyclopaedic novels.

The latest interviewee is Lars Iyer, who you will all know as the blogger of legend and now author of the novel Spurious. The blog of the same name has an overview of the reviews of the novel, even one by a pile of shit.


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