Thursday, March 03, 2005

Where do we find ourselves?

TEV and others have posted trivia around the meme Ten things I've done that others might not have.

Reading them is an odd experience. You begin to realise how strange experience is in the first place. I made a list and feel that it's got very little to do with me. And when reading others' lists, this curious sense of displacement wells up. What has all this got to do with anyone?

  • Have had my jaw broken deliberately in two places
  • Seen George Best score a hat-trick (and against Scumhampton too!)
  • Knew someone who was murdered and knew someone who murdered
  • Read In Search of Lost Time three times
  • Survived a ceiling fall in on me as I slept
  • In three days saw four football matches in four English counties
  • Reviewed a book for a foreign national newspaper
  • Have had a birth-date that's a palindrome and the same upside down even when including my age

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