Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mid-March miscellany

Four things. Ready Steady Book adds to its unique series of interviews by asking unique British writer Gabriel Josipovici about, among other things, the three new books he has out this year. The line that sticks in my mind: I find myself being much more ‘radical’ in my writing, simply driven by the demands of the work, than I am in my tastes.

Elsewhere in our merry blogosphere, be aware that George Galloway's gotta new blog. Perhaps he'll tell us about what really went on in the Celebrity Big Brother house?

Thirdly, John Pistelli, lately of the excellent commonplacebook, has also begun a 'live journal' with the self-consciously grand title Maxims and Reflections.

Meanwhile, on a more established blog, the editor of the TLS Peter Stothard mentions me! Well, I was excited. It's about my frustration with the local library. Looking back, I was probably a little unfair. The new fiction selection is actually very good, except it seems there ain't much good fiction around. This might explain my lack of enthusiasm in the three novel reviews I've written for Sir Peter's publication.

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