Saturday, April 08, 2006

He is a sex addict

Caveh Zahedi looks like he makes fun films. He came to my attention after making Tripping with Caveh in which the film-maker and Will Oldham go to the local park and eat some mushrooms. I also liked the title and concept of In the Bathtub of the World.

He's also written about what drives his film-making, citing Kafka and "his spiritual heir" Blanchot as influences. And I thought it was just me and Lars Spurious who include Bonnie Prince Billy and Blanchot within their charmed circle! The essay is well worth reading by the way.

Tonight I accessed Apple's movie trailer site for the first time and saw one for I Am A Sex Addict, his new movie. It "tells the story of how [Zahedi's] attraction to prostitutes and compulsive honesty combined to destroy each of his past relationships". I hope we get to see it over here along with his other work. Something for BBC4 perhaps.

And if you watch it, what's the Jonathan Richman song that comes in toward the end of the trailer? On his blog, Zahedi writes about receiving clearance to use it but doesn't mention the title.


  1. The song is "My Baby Love Love Loves Me" and it's from the 2004 album Not So Much to Be Loved as to Love. I love your blog, by the way.



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