Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Liddle mind

In last weekend's Sunday Times:
Natanz seems an agreeable little town, perched nearly 5,000ft up in the majestic mountains of central Iran, full of dusty relics of Alexander the Great and black-clad peasants scurrying hither and thither. It is a shame, then, that we may soon be obliged to bomb it to smithereens. An even bigger shame, though, if we don’t.
That's Rod Liddle folks: liberal journalist, popular fiction writer and tousle-haired cheerleader for mass murder. Might these three occupations be connected?


  1. I've always been baffled by the increasing size of Liddle's platform -- he gets sacked from his backroom job at the Beeb for shooting his mouth off about hating foxhunters in The Guardian and then gets all kinds of slots to be a re-branded 'libertarian' rent-a-quote columnist whose basic schtick is to bang on about immigration (hardly the hallmarks of a 'libertarian').

    I myself have no problem with regime change from below there but would never endorse any form of military action to bring about a regime more sympathetic to the US (just in case you're wondering!). I suspect Liddle is less concerned with the plight of teenage homosexuals and women there and more concerned with his next pay cheque.

    And his book's not so great either, a pseudo-Houellebecq if ever there was one (a growing market among media novelists as well).

    Apologies for tirade, you just brought up a salient pet hate.

  2. You're not wrong. OK, he hired and defended Andrew Gilligan when he let the truth slip, but Liddle would never portray government actions as war crimes.

  3. There does appear to be some variance between his professional conduct and subsequent media career. The guy has alimony to pay, c'mon! ;-)



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