Sunday, July 02, 2006

Handke: a footnote

I'm a classical writer. I'm a conservative classical writer.
So says Peter Handke of himself in this brief but profound NYT interview. What does that mean? asks Deborah Solomon.
With a lot of air in it. With a lot of snow flurries and summer breezes in the books.

I like the accompanying picture too - Handke barefoot, just in from the writing shed; his feet not just on the ground but caressing it. The photo reminds me of the imagined significance of Bill Callahan's barefeet during his awesome live acoustic set a couple of years ago. His ex- Cat Power was also barefoot on the David Letterman Show the other week too. What is going on?

Also worth noting about the interview is Handke on a forthcoming novel in translation:
It's very difficult to translate. It's called The Loss of the Image. It's a medieval novel about modern times. The hero is a woman banker who is starting to forget herself in the Spanish mountains.
Anyone with any news on the identity of the publisher, please write to me or add a comment. Farrar Straus Giroux published the airy My Year in the No-man's Bay in 1998 but seem to have air-brushed it from the archives.


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