Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Markham ... well

I've just finished one novel featuring a couple called Joe and Phyllis Markham. After the marathon of those languid 451 pages, I picked up a 142-pager expecting a complete change of scene. Yet here too there are two people called Markham. Last year, I also reviewed a novel by a Markham. What is going on?

Perhaps I should constrain all my reading to novels with at least one character called Markham. Anyone know of another?


  1. Markham is a very good fictional name. It's "normal" (it doesn't sound odd, because the component syllables are commonly found in many proper names, eg Marks, Oldham) but it's not "common" (Smith, Jones).

  2. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Leonard Markham is the protagonist of Ian McEwan's (best?) novel, The Innocent:

  3. Anonymous6:48 pm

    There's a David(?) Markham in Millennium People by JG Ballard. One of his purposefully bland names.



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