Monday, February 26, 2007

If collected

Plans are being finalised for the visit of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to Brighton and Hove. The Queen ... will be at the Jubilee Library while Prince Philip will visit a trapeze workshop at the Pavilion Theatre.
I just hope she doesn't do what every other pensioner does there and stand for ages blocking the World Literature shelves reading travel books by Michael Palin.

Next: One of the most gifted French philosophers of the twentieth century — ranking, in particular, with Jacques Derrida and Emmanuel Levinas. Wow, at last an introductory piece on a modern French philosopher (via wood s lot) that doesn't mention Sartre or Camus!
He was the unrecognised colleague, invisible and self-effacing, but also enormously productive (Leslie Hill tells us that his works, if collected, would run to three dozen volumes).
If collected!

Also, parallel universe time: after Tom McCarthy's Remainder is more or less ignored by those who really should be celebrating it (rather than "The Adjective of Noun" type novels), it gets a front page review in the NYTBR! And what's more, the Guardian Books blog makes a distinction between criticism and literary criticism. Next its regular The week in books blogs feature will mention the elephant in its living room.

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