Saturday, July 28, 2007

Creative writing

Despair, more than any other feeling, establishes a correspondence between our being and the environment. In fact, despair requires a corresponding environment to such an extent that, if need be, it creates it. It invokes beauty only to pour the void into it. The emptiness of the soul is so vast, its cruel advance so inexorable, that any resistance to it is impossible. What would be left of paradise if were seen from the viewpoint of despair? A graveyard of happiness.
EM Cioran Tears & Saints.


  1. I'd suggest despair cuts off the correspondence between our being & the environment. Despair is s a constricting state where the self is narrowed down to a self-enclosed point, whereas something like love in its fullness is an expansion of self, expanding one's unity with the outer world. Despair muight be the necessary sickness that helps lead to that second state, but in itself it is a weakened state of being. Exalting it as the highest state is a mere wallowing in this weakness.

  2. Anonymous7:51 pm

    oNCE at the bottom (and here we meet dispair), we are afforded the grandest of views upward. Dispair is the downcast view inverted, not a moment too late.



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