Saturday, December 15, 2007

Links in space

A few items for potential weekend reading:

Good advice: Richard Ford is interviewed by Anthony Byrt:
I ask him for his own take on the relation between writing and truth. Ford pauses, before adjusting [Frank Bascombe's] advice: "Just putting down everything that you think is not going to uncover the truth; what uncovers truth in something is the habit of art. It's when you think, 'I've got to make something out of this for someone else, which I will make well enough that they can make use of it.'
Reading biography: Richard Crary overcomes despair.

Chicago: Edmond Caldwell's story that gets stranger on each read.

Letter: And talking of Chicago, Mark "Midas" Sarvas finds Bellow gold amongst the rest cluttering his home.

Godard: From six years ago, Mike Figgis describes watching the most beautiful film of the 21st Century:
At one point in the screening, I found myself nodding off (it was hot and I was tired) and then something happened on screen and I was holding back some unidentifiable grief and trying not to weep.
Cock-end: Charlie Brooker demonstrates how I behave whilst reading Oliver Kamm on Stockhausen.

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