Monday, December 03, 2007

Literary parasitism

In these seemingly anti-literary times, authors tend to do all they can to support literature; Spanish novelist Enrique Vila-Matas is the first I've seen to treat it like a disease.
Scott Esposito in the superb Quarterly Conversation on my favourite novel of the year. It's a deceptively simple book to follow but fiendishly difficult to summarise. Scott does a brilliant job at that, and is quite right to recognise that it falls away in the second half. But what a fall ...

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  1. I'd like to report in that Vila-Matas is one of my favorite authors, period; it was through THIS SPACE that I first learned of him. Now I am just hoping more of his books are translated. Scott Esposito does a great job pointing out how in Bartleby & Co. every footnote is a gem on its own. This is what gives the book its cumulative originality. I plan on giving this book to several people for Christmas.



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