Monday, December 15, 2008

There it was

December has not been blog-friendly to me. The year began with hospitals and has now ended with them. 2009 should offer time for more than linking, perhaps even more book reviews. In the first few months, I'm looking forward to reissues of Peter Handke's early novels (the Slow Homecoming trilogy and Short Letter, Long Farewell), to the heroic translations of Jonathan Littell's The Kindly Ones and Jacques Roubaud's The Loop (part two of The Great Fire of London sequence) and ... and ... to volume one of The Letters of Samuel Beckett.

Such happy wonder leads me back to Fall Day, the first of Robert Kelly's three poems in Conjunctions' Winter 2009 Poetry Festival.
This is the meaning of childhood:
you do not exist. The Count of Monte Cristo
is waiting to become you
he has a sword he has a girl at either elbow
offering him green wine and hashish paste.
You have read about the world now here it is.

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