Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blanchot at Harvard

In March of this year I reported a unique sale of Blanchot manuscripts from a bookseller in Ireland. Now Harvard's Modern Books and Manuscripts blog reveals the whereabouts of the most expensive item.
Houghton Library recently acquired page proofs of Blanchot's 1969 major work, L’Entretien Infini (The Infinite Conversation). Blanchot seemingly did not preserve the records of his literary work; these were (according to the dealer from whom they were purchased) salvaged from a rubbish bin by the husband of Blanchot's long-time housekeeper. [...]

An article providing an overview of the new material uncovered in the proofs, by Smith Professor of French Language and Literature Christie McDonald, along with a brief history of their journey to the Library by Curator of Modern Books and Manuscripts Leslie Morris, will appear in the fall issue of Harvard Review.
The blog also includes four images of pages with Blanchot's annotations. (Found via Site Maurice Blanchot).

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