Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Modernist charm and readability

Despite his reputation for formidable modernist impenetrability, these are effortlessly readable and charming works. They are written almost exclusively in dialogue, frequently of the frothy, cocktail-party sort. Josipovici is especially good not only when gently satirising the self-regard, banality and indirection of such chit-chat, but also in recognising that this is the only way we have of finding out about those we do not know, and unlocking the secrets of those we do.

The Jewish Chronicle offers the first review of After & Making Mistakes, Gabriel Josipovici's two new novels in one (very handsome) volume.

Additional review update: Tales from the Reading Room
Lee Rourke in The Independent

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  1. Brilliant! It is a good day when not one, but two new novels come unexpectedly from a favourite author. Thank you, Anthony



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