Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ten years in this space

This week marks ten years since this blog was born. Appropriately, the first post was about beginnings. As I tell Mark Thwaite in this interview about literary blogging, it wasn't the first blog I'd written for, but this was the first solo effort:
Almost immediately I recognised This Space as my true home, a miraculous release into a limitless expanse in which writing could be explored in the direction demanded by the work under discussion. The editorial identity was soon established and gave me what I had lacked until then. My only responsibility was to sustain that exploration.
Perhaps ten years suggests a certain relentlessness, an unwillingness to develop going forward. To which I respond: "Blogging is a singular project because it goes nowhere and can only keep going in that direction".


  1. Congratulations, and many happy returns!

    [Been reading TS nearly as long]

  2. Congratulations, Steve! Ten years is at least 25 years in the internet world, so we'll call this your Silver Anniversary. May This Space reach gold, then diamond! According to Wiki
    we're aiming for Stone. Sort of the alchemical process in reverse...

  3. a footnote, from the Cocteau biography I'm translating at the moment:
    La poésie ne mène à rien—à condition de ne pas en sortir. --Pierre Reverdy
    Poetry gets us nowhere — so long as we remain within it.

  4. Thanks Charlotte. An ideal footnote.



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