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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Handke: a footnote

I'm a classical writer. I'm a conservative classical writer.
So says Peter Handke of himself in this brief but profound NYT interview. What does that mean? asks Deborah Solomon.
With a lot of air in it. With a lot of snow flurries and summer breezes in the books.

I like the accompanying picture too - Handke barefoot, just in from the writing shed; his feet not just on the ground but caressing it. The photo reminds me of the imagined significance of Bill Callahan's barefeet during his awesome live acoustic set a couple of years ago. His ex- Cat Power was also barefoot on the David Letterman Show the other week too. What is going on?

Also worth noting about the interview is Handke on a forthcoming novel in translation:
It's very difficult to translate. It's called The Loss of the Image. It's a medieval novel about modern times. The hero is a woman banker who is starting to forget herself in the Spanish mountains.
Anyone with any news on the identity of the publisher, please write to me or add a comment. Farrar Straus Giroux published the airy My Year in the No-man's Bay in 1998 but seem to have air-brushed it from the archives.


  1. I have just bought a translated novella by Peter Handke (inspired by your recommendations) entitled 'A Sorrow Beyond Dreams'. The publisher in this instance is the Pushkin Press. I have no idea whether they will take the book you mention, but I guess it's worth checking their new list.

  2. Yes, I have that edition. It's years since I read "A Sorrow Beyond Dreams" though. It's a reissue, which I think is what Pushkin must do - the Stifter for example. I very much doubt they'd publish the new novel.

    It's a shame "Repetition" and "Across" aren't more easily available though I did see the latter in the LRB Bookshop in London.

  3. I almost never see any Handke books, even used, though I did manage to snag both Repetition and Across this weekend in Philadelphia. I look forward to finally reading him.

  4. Anonymous5:37 am

    steve, you will find no end of handke material at
    incuding a 15 k piece on the milosevics controversy...
    and you can if you have the time and liking explore the dozen subsites.

    here are some things of mine in german on handke...

    Member Seattle Psychoanalytic Institute and Society


    "Sryde Lyde Myde Vorworde Vorhorde Vorborde" [von Alvensleben]



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