Friday, February 24, 2006

Blair's Bombs

Rachel from North London is an admirably independent voice for victims of the 7th July bombings in London. Today she merely links to another survivor's story. It is quite something. The details are what make Steven Lovegrove's account of one summer's morning remarkable: the words he said to himself; the greed of the taxi-driver; the walking home from the hospital; the people crossing themselves. Above all though, for me, were two things: the sense that it never happened in time. There was only ever before and after. And secondly, the staggering question and answer in the immediate aftermath of the explosion: "a young man behind me asked, 'Why would they bomb us?' I replied, 'Olympics'."

Elsewhere, Lenin's Tomb, in responding to the destruction of the Samarra Shrine, reminds us that Blair's occupiers have already been caught once preparing terror bombings to foment civil strife (see penultimate paragraph) and, oh yes, slaughter civilians. So it's likely the horror stories we might read if Iraqi survivors wrote blogs - and blogs in English - would feature such questions too. The answer would be different though.


  1. Thnak you for the link, and for visiting Steve, and for what you wrote

  2. Hi! Thanks for linking this I just found it, it seems some conspiracy theorists have latched onto my account. Anyway, thanks again!


  3. Hi, I didn't mean for the above comment to sound sarcastic. I was just stating that some conspiracy nuts have found it and are using it to analyse discrepancies in tunnel diameters, at least it's keeping them busy!

    Most of all thanks for reading it, it's a great release to know people have taken the time to read just one persons account.


  4. Steve, it wasn't read by me as sarcastic! I didn't realise some people (the nuts) might see my title as a suggestion that Blair was behind the bombings. That would be daft. I meant that he bears personal responsibility for endangering us all.



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