Friday, February 24, 2006

A correction, six years late

In my essay on Paul Celan, posted by Spike in 2000, I called his friend Yves Bonnefoy 'an avowed Christian'. It's come to my attention from a reliable source that he isn't. From this distance, I can't remember how I decided he was. Anyway, I shall correct it in the version over which I have control. But the other will have to remain.

This is the joy and the curse of the internet. When I first wrote things for Spike - a review of two Beckett biographies, the Cioran meander, the Bernhard, Celan and Will Oldham introductions (all written in the last century) - I didn't consider their future. Unfortunately one cannot wrap online articles around fish & chips. To every browsing reader, they appear freshly posted. So, from time to time, I get an email either praising or criticising the Cioran atrocity. Both types embarrass me. I'd delete it given the chance but, apparently, it's one of the most popular pages on Spike that doesn't mention porn. Bugger.

Culture: pyrotechnics against a night sky of nothinginess. (Cioran)


  1. Had to comment on this seeing as it contans my online pen name.

    So hello.

  2. No need to make a correction by the way.



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